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Attract NEW Customers for your local business.


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Showcase your business on our platform with an emphasis on your promotions and offerings.

Providing value

Ensure that your customer base knows what you have to offer.

Showcase your Meal Deals

Are you struggling to market your business due to a lack of resources or a prime location? Look no further than Meal Deals! We provide you with the chance to advertise your weekly specials, nightly promotions, and one-time offerings in a centralized location that everyone knows, for only $10 per month (first month free). Say goodbye to the hassle of creating and displaying signs that may not even be seen by potential customers. Join Meal Deals today and increase your visibility and reach at an affordable price!


Update your Deals

When you sign up your business to Meal Deals, you gain access to the My Deals Page. Here, you can update your business' information, and most importantly, update your Meal Deals.


Add Multiple Locations

Own more than one location? Look no further! After signing up your business to Meal Deals, head over to the My Deals page where you can upgrade your subscription to Meal Deals Advanced, which allows you to add up to 5 locations, or Meal Deals Pro, which allows you to add up to 25 locations! If you own more than 25 locations and would like to have them listed on our site, please click here and send us a message to receive a quote!


Automated Email Notifications

On our home and search page, users can subscribe to our site by leaving their email address and zip code. Whenever a business within their zip code is listed, they will receive an email notification with the title:
Your Business has added Meal Deals Near You: Your ZIP Code

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