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About Meal Deals

Let's be honest, life can be difficult. We don't always have the time to cook for ourselves. Whether, we are students, hard-working providers, travelers, or just lazy, it is always nice to know that a quick mobile order, phone call, or stop on the way home, can see us be fed without the additional hassle. However, the convenience of takeout food, or sitting at a restaurant, often comes along with a hefty price tag.

I rarely eat out of the house unless I know I am getting some sort of deal. Knowing about what deals are at my disposal has always been somewhat tricky though. Many takeout/restaurants don't update their websites frequently and can be hard to follow; it can be hard to squint safely at a sign in the window of your favorite Italian place while driving; and not everyone has the proper connections in their area to hear about these deals by word of mouth. 

For these reasons, I have started Meal Deals. Meal Deals is an advertising hub for local restaurants and small food businesses around the world to market their promotions to attract and gain new and long-standing customers in their respective areas. Before deciding on where you want to eat for the night, consider checking Meal Deals. You may learn the place right around the corner is the right place for you.

                                                                                                                                                    - Tyler Lewis, CEO

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